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Why to Personalize Websites with Dynamic Content


Personalizing your website with dynamic content could improve user engagement. Updating your website with fresh contents constantly doesn’t help drive web sales. You have to innovate dynamic contents to increase the conversion rate. Personalizing the contents could do the magic.


Technological advances today help any marketers to deploy personalized websites. Serving up generic content is a thing of the past. When you provide a personalized experience, visitors hang about on your website longer, download more offers, and ultimately buy more products. Best examples are Amazon and Netflix. customizes the content of the homepage on the basis of the products you have viewed in the past. A visitor on Amazon view customized content based on ratings, unique viewing history, and past purchases.

The concept of personalizing is not just born. It was applied to email marketing earlier and it revolutionized the way people were targeted. Earlier when emails were sent en masse to the mailing list the results were not good.  But later when marketers began to segment things based on industries, interests and personas their performance improved dramatically.

From the view of an organic search, displaying relevant content related to page content presents more products to a particular consumer so that they keep the page longer, search for more products, and provides a personalized shopping experience. Having personalized content pointing toward the searchers query on the page also provides a strong signal to Google of what the page is about, further enhancing the organic traffic to the page.

The revolution in the social media has completely changed the way we use and experience on the web; it’s now more user-driven content. Now we are on the brink of a new web transformation known as dynamic website personalization.

Dynamic website personalization (DWP) is the capability to dynamically alter the content, offers and messaging to a select visitor based on set criteria. The technology to convert this to reality is already available. There are companies who have been using the power of dynamic content and their platforms to drive one-to-one customization based upon collected and observed information from website visitors.

For taking full advantage of personalized content you must use on-page content and targeted emails should be used together. This ensures that the customer looks out only for an offer that moves him/her to the next stage in the purchase funnel.

There are umpteen options for small and large businesses to begin displaying dynamic content. One example is Visual Website Optimizer that provides a trouble-free line of code that permits you to target consumers based on multiple variables and delivers dynamic content.

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