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What is Google Penguin Update and What are its Effects




Google Penguin

Google Penguin update created uproar. When Google changed its algorithm in ranking pages it created havoc among Internet users. Penguin is more about going back to the basics of sincere SEO.

 Know Your Links

After the Penguin update was made, Google penalized a lot of websites for improper use of backlinks. This is probably because of the improper use of backlink building by marketers. It may be easy to buy 500 PR4 backlinks for a meager $50. But don’t do it, because you have no authority over those links. Those links could also be from sites which Google has already marked as spam. If you get a lot of links pointing to your website from spam sites directly, you may not survive as a high rank website for a long period, Penguin will penalize you. Google prefers natural link profile.

 Do a Good Keyword Research

Penguin likes natural keywords in website content. Improper use of keywords and over optimization are strict no nos. It’s not natural to keep your target keyword on every single page title. It’s not natural to keep your target keyword scattered all through your main articles. However, it is natural to optimize each and every post.

You must make the keywords sound natural to the human mind. When a person reads your content, they shouldn’t notice awkward keywords. Read and re-read your content before you post it to make sure. If there is lot of keyword stuffing, it gives a clear indication to Google that you are optimizing the site for a search engine and not a human viewer. This is strictly against Panda and Penguin and will result in penalties.

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