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What is Google Panda and What are its Effects


Google Panda

When Google introduced Panda update, folks mistook it as a hijacker of traffic. But it is not so, it was an update designed to clean up the search engine rankings. Think about the results that have been coming up on Google first page off late. You probably haven’t noticed a whole lot of fluff. Instead, you’ll find relevant and high-quality sites dominating page #1 for every keyword you search. Thanks to Panda.

With the de-indexing and penalization of many insignificant sites, many other sites improved their rankings and as a result exploded in growth and traffic level after Panda came into existence.

A Focus on User Reviews

After Panda came into action, many review websites have gained priority. This shows Google values people’s opinion on products/services they’re about to purchase. So what you can do to gain good ranking for your website is that allow customers incentive to leave reviews. Not only does this help your rankings, it’ll also improve your business.

The “Share” Incentive

Every website cannot propel its business through reviews, however, they can benefit from social media. Panda applauds active social following. A following that “likes,” “shares,” and “tweets” every single post. A following that doesn’t hesitate to share a link and start a discussion on Facebook.

Flawless User Experience

Clean and neat website template that is easy to navigate fits right in with what Google’s trying to do with Panda. When Google ranks you on first page, they want those links to get you exactly what you search for without any difficulty. They want you to land on a site that has a fluid and seamless user experience – a minimalist website that gets you exactly what you want without wasting your time.

All these aspects really hold good with the Panda update because when the penalized sites improved their user experience (decreased bounce rates, increased average time on site, etc), their rankings have increased radically.

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