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What is a Domain Name? Top Domain Name Registration Companies

best Name registration companies

best Name registration companies

A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. Register for a Domain name before building a website. Whenever your customers want to visit your website, they will only type in your domain name in the browser and be directed to your site.

A domain is more than just an address. It helps you to define your online identity. Everyone wants their identity to be memorable and unique that is why choosing a great domain name is so important.

There are certain specialized services called domain registrars, that would help you find a great domain name and claim it as your own. These domain name sites will permit you to run a search and find out if the domain name you like is available for purchase. Basically, these companies are connected to a large database which compares your chosen domain name to domains which have already been chosen and/or registered.

The policies of each domain registrars vary. All the top domain name registration companies will have a comprehensive search in order to ensure that your chosen name is available.  Some of the top domain name registration companies will also provide name suggestions based on what you have chosen.

A domain name is comprised of three different parts. The first part, is called a ‘top-level domain’ (TLD), otherwise known as an “extension”. The most popular extension is “.com”, but more and more TLDs are coming up each day. The second level is made up of the actual domain name of your company (plus the extension). For example, in the domain name the is considered to be the second level. The third level includes the “www” which precedes the domain name. The “www” stands for the World Wide Web, and indicates that your website is accessible on the Web via your web browser.

Once the choosing and registering of a domain name is complete then comes website designing. Of course to begin building a website on your domain, you need hosting. Web hosting is space on a server where the files of your website are stored. Before choosing a hosting space, make sure that you are getting enough disk space for all your needs. Also consider future expansion while choosing the hosting plan. Ensure that the hosting company gives you the freedom to upgrade and seamlessly move your site to a larger plan whenever required. Search for plans which offer at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee and provide frequent data backups. This will ensure that your site is always available and that your data is safe.

GoDaddy, nework solutions,,,,, 1&1,, MadDog,,, iwantmyname etc are the best domain name registration companies available on the world wide web.

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