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Web Designing – must know points

An effective website should always focus on satisfying customer needs as opposed to fulfilling the designer’s needs. We often come across websites loaded with unwanted graphics or elaborate texts that bore or confuse customers. We can split the art of creation of a web site as per points discussed as below.


  1. Need for consistency– Uniformity is the key for a good web page. The design should never confuse the customer .For instance different colors on every page would not make the website to be consistent and the user would be instigated to go elsewhere.
  1. Clarity in Navigation– Having spoken about a uniform design, the need for an organized or clutter free page is the next most important need. Too many banners, too many ads, flash or graphics will not only annoy the visitor it might also end in losing visitors. So the key is to use user-friendly navigation accompanied with simplicity and clarity.                                                                                                                       
  1. Formatting ­­– Be sure to provide easy-to-read text. It is annoying to the eye and mind when the background is harsh with a non-contrasting text that cannot be read.  The best color combination is the standard black or dark gray text on a white or light pastel background.  This is the easiest on most eyes.  White text on a black background is very hard on a lot of eyes so that might not be a good choice.  Also, consider your font.  Use a simple clean font without all the curlies and cute designs.


  1. Effective Color Schemes– Color, as known has a psychological effect on the visitor. We might have this question running in our minds, “How can something as irrelevant as color have anything to do with the success of the website?” Well the answer is you need to do a research on the psychology of color and then make choices for your business website, keeping the target market in mind and the emotional effect of the color on its customers.


  1. Avoid many hyperlinks in the Site– The frustration of a visitor is the highest when he enters your webpage only to find an icon marked, “Click to Enter Our Site?”. Remember the visitor will decide to browse your website in the first ten seconds he enters your website. We need to capture his attention immediately instead of wasting his time on unwanted links. Do not request your customers to register for your site unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary then, be sure to use a simple, clear, concise form.  Keep the clicks to a minimum and do not ask for a person’s life history.



  1. Contact Information– Visitors would be attracted to genuine information. When you do not provide your contact information you are hinting that you do not want to be contacted or bothered. Correct contact info ensures visitors that you are interested to be in business with them and that you are there for them when they need you


  1. Avoid music – There are many sites that have automated music or videos or a sales pitch. Never force the visitor to listen to forcefully listen to any of those. If you think it is needed it is better to give an option to the visitor.
  2. Eliminate ads– How many times we have come across several ads while reading an article.Isnt it annoying and distracting? Please avoid ads so the your customer does not feel the same.Customers would always prefer clear and simple content


  1. Avoid usage of PDF Files and CAPTCHA–  PDF files can clog up a person’s computer and become very troublesome. Make sure you intimate the user about the PDF if it is unavoidable. Users are forced to leave numerous sites because the CAPTCHA was not readable or not working. If you find it necessary to use this feature, please make sure you check it is working and can be easily used.
  2. Effective content– The content of your website must be simple, easy to navigate and up to date.This a crucial part of the entire web design.Ensure it is updated on a timely basis.You would end up nowhere if you follow all the above points and miss out on this most important one.


The above mentioned  list is a small portion of things to consider when designing and building your website.These would help you climb the ladder of popularity  with your visitors and steer your business towards success.

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