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Useful Online Tools to Understand a Website in Detail

online marketing tool

Online Marketing Tools

Here are some of the useful online tools to understand every detail of any website. —  Just Ping serves people with remote website monitoring services that could be used from any PC or Mac. Powered by Watchmouse, Just Ping allows you to do online pings from any of the 50 locations worldwide. A ping is an Internet protocol utility that can be used to decide to which degree any site is reachable. A ping is helpful in making you realize whether your website is accessible from other countries. Unlike other ping services Just-ping is the best ping service that has services in China, Egypt and Turkey. If you get a ping result as 100% packet Loss that means your blog or website is inaccessible from that region. — If you wish to know the phone number and contact address of a website owner, this free lookup service will be of great help to you. This is a universal search service which helps in identifying the whois database of all top domain registrars. — If by any chance you wish to write a DMCA Notice or you are looking to change the web hosts, enter the URL of the particular website in and this online service will display the name of the company where that website is hosted. — Wish to do an analysis of the popularity of webpages? Log on to and this site would tell you how popular is your site on social platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It also tells you the Google Pagerank of a website and the Web of Trust matrix. — If you are planning to launch a website, do a competitor analysis first and get to know what your competitors are doing for SEO and what keywords they are targeting. helps you to figure out what keywords people are searching to find a website. It is one of the all-time best SEO tools. The new dashboard in semrush focussses on organic research, Adsense, advertising research, keywords research and backlinks.  To keep current with the changing trends semrush keeps changing its algorithms so that you can improve your website and be more visible on organic and paid searches. — provides a detailed report of any website or IP address. It also gives details on hosting provider, the IP address change history, the physical location of a site and DNS information. — helps you to know the technology stack of any website. It helps you understand the mail service provider of a domain, the tracking widgets installed on a website, advertising partners on a website and whether the site is using any CDN like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud.

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