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Tips to Improve Your Corporate Blog

Improve Blog Posts

Improve Blog Posts

Corporate blogs help build authority, market a brand, share insights and provide valuable information to a large audience effectively. A corporate blog is essential for marketing portfolio, so it is important to make it the best it can be.

Here are certain effective ways with which you can improve your corporate blog.

Use Categories: In order to organize posts optimal use of categories are needed. Clear navigation helps a reader visiting your blog to keep browsing. If a reader does not see the information they need crystal clear, they are likely to bounce from your page. Add a relevant category widget on the sidebar of your blog, and make sure everything is well organized.

Make Sharing Easy: Having the proper share links to social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are necessary for every blog post. Many blog owners neglect Twitter due to the longer content that is being used, but a “Tweet This” button can be added that will send content between pull quotes directly to Twitter with your information.

Use Clear Call-To-Action: Instead of using just a comment button, add “Leave a Comment”, and “Read Previous Comments” button too. Make sure all of your buttons are easily viewable, compelling and enticing the reader to click-through.

Cross-Link Related Content: Cross-linking to relevant content either within your own site or to other sites is a great way to reduce the overall bounce rate on your blog. You can link manually or use a WordPress plug-in , which is better and consumes less time to manage.

Use Powerful Pictures: Visual content is important in marketing. In order to make readers see what you have to say, they have to be attracted to it using powerful images.

Use Social Suggestions: Since most business owners are busy focusing on social media marketing, they forget that platforms are also good for gaining ideas. Using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, LinkedIn and Flickr you can gain precious content ideas.

Write Interesting Headlines: Catch your readers with catchy headlines. Using less than 70 characters, you are supposed to inform, hook, and promise your reader something compelling. Make sure your headlines are direct and to the point.

Define Your Editorial Approach: Your corporate blogs must stand for the same thing your business stands for. Post blogs that make sense to you, and make sure your readers know who you are so that the posts make sense to them as well.

Utilize Social Media: When you create content for your blog site, integrate it into your social media platforms as well. One single blog post can be dissected and rearranged to work on any social media platform, and doing this at the time you post it on your site is both time effective and economical.

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