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Tips on Twitter Promotion

tips-on-twitter-promotionTwitter is one of the best social media for marketers. To take advantage of Twitter it is important to understand what the best way to promote in Twitter.  

Use your own face in promoting a blog because Twitter is a social media and people can relate to your post more through you. They are more likely to share and follow your tweets because they feel they know whom they are talking on seeing your face. But if you are offering products or services, better use your company logo image.

Be active on Twitter to gain more results. People will connect with you regularly if you are active daily.

Twitter background is a great place to highlight your brand, share more information on contact details here.

Never be too garrulous on Twitter. On Twitter you need to listen much more than talking. Do engage with people, share with people. Once you share a post, be available to chat on it with anyone who makes a comment or has a question.

Limit your number of Tweets else, you will infuriate your followers and lose them, your messages will lose power and people will start to ignore them, you will get much less RTs and you would lose your traffic flow.

Do not blindly follow anyone; you need to focus on following/connecting with targeted people in your niche. If you are a blogger then follow bloggers, it doesn’t make any sense in you following people who are not aware of blogging.

Do not share too much of your stuff, you should be sharing other peoples stuff as well.

You will still benefit if you share others stuff. People will come to chat with you on the links you have shared and with this you can gain more feedback and engagement.

Helping people in a dilemma will get you a follower for life. When you lend a hand to people, you automatically make yourself the “expert” in that area, or at least gives a belief to them that you are an expert.

Portray your personality.  If you are funny, then crack some fun on Twitter. If you are sports lover then share some of that on Twitter.

If you are on Twitter and are not engaging with your followers then you might as well lose your entire grip. It is a long term relationship and a good relationship doesn’t work without communication.



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