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Tips on On-Page SEO


Tips on On-Page SEO

Once you are done with selecting the right keywords, it is time to start building and optimizing your website. Google no longer encourages keyword stuffing on pages, it now more assertive on quality and authority.

Write for the readers and not for the crawlers

Whenever you post an article, write text for a landing page, or even post a social blurb, ensure that it is something worthwhile. Google requires that ALL content be informative, unique, and useful. It is more important that your content should be descriptive and interesting and not just a dump of keywords.

All content created for your website ought to be 100% unique. Duplicate content will destroy your reputation, not only with your followers, but with Google as well. The title of the article or blog you posted should be catchy, but still relate to the information within the article.

 Tips for a perfect title

The title should be of 40 to 65 characters maximum.

Use keyword or keyword phrase in title if possible.

Be creative in the title, but it should be relevant to the topic.

Use Meta Tags, Headings, Descriptions and URLS for the article.

The small things on your page will provide you with SEO benefits. Many website owners usually forget, or neglect to add the proper tags, headings and descriptions for their on-page SEO. Here are a few tips that need to be taken care of in your page.

Meta Descriptions: Always write a brief description of your content of around 156 characters for the best results.

Optimized URL: The content URL should be optimized to match the meaning of the content on the page.

Headings and Tags: Ensure use of proper headings is in place, h1, h2, h3, etc. This helps the reader stay focused on your content, gives the ability to quickly scan to important parts and looks nicer on the page.

Focus Keywords: Use tags to highlight specific keywords or keyword phrases to add focus for the search engines.

Image Tags: Use proper Alt tags on all images, and do use images in your content.

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