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Things to Know Before Outsourcing SEO

seo-outsourcingThere are a number things that has to be taken into consideration before opting to outsource SEO. When most people start their online business, they don’t think of SEO. Instead, they build their website the way they think will help them reach their goals easiest. Along the way, they learn that SEO can bring them free targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is possibly the best type of traffic your website can receive, but since SEO is so time consuming, these webmasters smartly turn to outsourcing. They hire an external SEO or SEO firm to go through their website, insert keywords and build links.

These online business owners view SEO as a strategy separate from their overall marketing and content strategies.

So here’s what they get: a website that’s full of keyword-stuffed pages and backlinks built to those pages. Sure, their website might rank for some key terms, but the pages are difficult to read and provide no value to the people who are visiting the website.

The problem is, these website owners don’t realize that good SEO isn’t just about getting to page #1 of Google. They have some key terms they’d like to rank for, then hire an SEO firm and let them work out how to get rankings – without having any control over the content (something very frustrating to an SEO).

But what’s the point in reaching page #1 if once you get there your visitors aren’t interested in anything on your website?

The Right Way to Outsource

SEO should NOT be separate from content creation. Ideally, SEO would begin the moment you start your website.

So first things first, instead of viewing an SEO firm as an external part of your overall business plan, view the SEO firm as a partner in developing your website. Work with them to plan content.

Start SEO right when you begin your content creation or, if you already have content up, change your existing content to fit with the keywords.

When people visit a website with SEO done correctly, they don’t even notice the keywords. Because SEO is used alongside content development, the page flows naturally. Most importantly, the page gives the visitor exactly what they want: high quality information that’s easy to understand.

And in a post-Panda SEO world, this can be even more important than building backlinks.

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