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Techniques to build good links

There has been turbulence spreading on involving link building after Google released its penguin update. Penguin update penalized


building good links

sites that involved in manipulative link strategies, hence horrified marketers on the safety of link building.

SEOs know that link building could be difficult and time-consuming. Google has made it clear that bad and valueless links will not help you spring up in the search engine, in the same way bad links could even harm your efforts.

A good link building is more valuable than ever. Google will reward you if you put in the time and effort to understand and begin practicing good link building tactics.

Matt Cutts has confirmed that links are still the best way for Google to determine the relevancy of a site. Considering the budget, it is wise to start link building now by investing more time as Google gives more visibility in organic searches.

Qualities of a good link

Google won’t reward you for a link that offers no benefit to your visitors. Here are some basic characteristics of a good link:

  • A link should be valuable to the reader
  • A link must be attractive to the readers
  • A link should be on such a site that’s loosely related to yours
  • A link should be placed on a page that has content related to the page you’re linking to

In short your link should be relevant to a visitor.

 What is a Bad Link?

Link scheming is a black hat SEO that will cause Google to penalize you. Here are certain practices that Google considers to be link scheming.

  • Buying or selling links merely to pass Page Rank
  • Buying articles with links that pass Page Rank
  • Linking to a site just to get a back link
  • Taking part in massive guest posting using keyword-rich anchor text
  • Using computerized programs to build your site’s links

The simplest way to avoid creating a bad link is to curb link scheming. Target the right audience with quality content by taking their need into consideration.

 Create social links

Links are essential if you learn to build them the right way. Build your links on the right path. Socialize your content and spread it around the Internet to have a larger impact. Focus on building long-term relationship with people, and engage with them so that they will care about the links you are building. This will help your link engulf with human interaction.

Find a secure way

Link building is known to be the difficult part of SEO. Find external link building opportunities where the link’s success depends on approval by readers. Link to pages that interests visitors genuinely on your page. Provide users a lifetime experience. Invest your time on quality. Link building is not dead until you adopt user-driven and safe practices.

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