Tips to Improve site speed

Tips on On-Page SEO

Once you are done with selecting the right keywords, it is time to start building and optimizing your website. Google no longer encourages keyword stuffing on pages, it now more assertive on quality and authority.

Tips to Increase Traffic From Google

There are numerous ways to increase traffic from Google other than the tedious job of link building. Improving user satisfaction: You can improve your Google rankings by improving the onsite experience of your visitors. Google likely measures satisfaction as users click on search results.  “… Google could see how satisfied users were. … The best sign of their contentment was the “long click” – this occurred when someone went to a search result, ideally the top one, and did not return.” Rich snippets from structured data: Google continuously expands the types of rich snippets it shows in search results, including events, videos, songs and breadcrumbs. Video optimization: According to studies Pixel for pixel, video snippets capture more search real estate than any oth...

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