Tips on writing Meta Titles

Tips on On-Page SEO

Once you are done with selecting the right keywords, it is time to start building and optimizing your website. Google no longer encourages keyword stuffing on pages, it now more assertive on quality and authority.

How to Write a Good Meta Title

A Meta title is the title that is displayed by the browser generally on top of the computer screen. It tells the reader what page they are on. Meta title is vital for helping the page rank higher in search engine returns. It tells a reader what page they are on. Meta titles are “read” by search engine robots and seen by site visitors. Title tags also play a key role in making the people decide whether to visit your site when it shows up in the search results. The title tag should contain important keywords to help the search engine determine what the page is about. Always remember to write title tags for humans; format them for search engines.  Tips on writing Meta Titles  Tile tags should contain maximum of 70 characters, including spaces. Important keywords should be placed f...

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