Get ready!Make Way for India’s Very Own GPS – NavIC to Hit the Markets in 2018:

We’ve all arrived in unusual places and expressed gratitude toward Google Maps for driving us securely back to home.. Most of us can’t imagine life without one, especially in India! But we’re highly dependent on the US GPS (Global Positioning System) system, and it may not always meet our expectations of accuracy. To change this, India will soon launch its very own GPS system, (NavIC)the Navigation with Indian Constellation (The SAILOR in hindi or sanskrit) , and it will be free of the US clock system. It is set to hit the market for public use in early 2018.India to be the fifth country to have its own navigation after USA,UK,RUSSIA,CHINA. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched IRNSS-1G, the last satellite to its constellation of seven satellites needed ...

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