how to do on-page seo

Biggest SEO challenges of 2014

Every aspect of SEO could appear to be the biggest SEO challenges of 2014 if you are a startup. There’s a lot that goes into smart SEO; right from quality content, to website designing and coding, to organic search results, to paid search, and much more. Here is a list of some of the most bewildering SEO tactics and solutions on how to demystify each element. Content According to latest Google algorithm changes content is the king. Google rewards websites with great content. So how to make your content qualify for higher rankings? Do not update contents just for the sake of it. Know your audience; write you’re your readers. Be consistent in messaging, use a specific tone and brand identity.  Do not deviate from your tone lest you will end up confusing your audience. Quality doesn’t mean ex...

How to optimize multi-language websites

Gaining high page ranks for a Multilanguage website is difficult. Here are a few tips on optimizing a multi-language site. Optimizing the URL structure of your website.  The best way to show that your website is relevant to that part of the geography is by creating a unique country domain for your website. If you don’t want to use country code top level domains, create a unique sub domain for each country.  A sub domain is totally independent for each language. Create a Theoretically, you could use sub directories (,, etc.) or URL parameters (&lang=de, &lang=en) to direct search engine robots to the different language versions of your website. This method, however, often confuses search engine robots and it can happen that your web pages get lower...

Tips on On-Page SEO

Once you are done with selecting the right keywords, it is time to start building and optimizing your website. Google no longer encourages keyword stuffing on pages, it now more assertive on quality and authority.

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