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Study Shows Email Still Key For Work Communication

5340515934_2d72503f6fThere was a recent study done by the Pew Research Internet Project, In the study, Analysts discovered approximately 6 out of every 10 American Employees consider email as very vital to their work process with the Internet following.

The electronic tools led the pack among item cited as vital for workers with landline telephones, mobile phones and Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook balancing the rundown.

“(E)mail and the web are especially important to adults who work in traditionally,” office-based occupations, for example, experts, officials, chiefs, entrepreneurs, and administrative laborers,” the report refers to. “They are also critical for the 59 percent of employed online adults who take their jobs outside of the physical boundaries of the workplace at least occasionally.”

The findings are a bit surprising, especially considering recent events.

The study’s release comes on the heels of the cyber attack against Sony Pictures. That hack job ended up seeing countless pieces of information making its way in to the hands of the public including personal information of celebrities and high-ranking Sony officials.

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