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Social Media Postings- how they change our minds ?

Hey, this is a tricky question to answer! Almost all of us are on some media platforms. We have groups of our kind. We discuss and express things of our choices. People follow social media posts that attract their preferences. People like them, think about them and give unique responses as per their personal traits. Human beings are imaginative. They learn from the environment.

Now we are residing in the digital environment. We get all our information from the social media platform. We come across several social media posts in our everyday news feed. They are hanging there purposely. Either they find us or we find them!

What are Social Media Postings?media

Social Media Postings can be done with different approaches. The main purpose of social media post is to let people know about something. These social media postings are highly subjective based on the purpose of the publishers. If you are a health conscious person, you will find social media posts associated with health online. While continuously reading them they are silently crafting your knowledge and awareness in oblivion. If you are a gadget freak person you will always enjoy information about gadgets on social media.  

There are mainly two types of social media postings; promotional and informational. In promotional social media postings, you will get information of products and services you are interested in. Businesses promote their product portfolio, offers and festival coupons through social media postings.

Other posts are published to spread awareness among the audiences regarding the concerned products and services.

Why social media post?face

Social media postings highly influence contemporary purchasing decisions. Digital native individuals are prone to make extensive research on social media before making a purchasing decision. In case of generating support for social, religious, political issues social media postings are also very important. There is a continuous hunger for information online. From toothpaste to medicines, from movie reviews to the educational course, from hospitals to real estate, people come and search online. Social Media Posts are there because we need those.

Who reads social Media Post?

Me, you, our parents, children- almost everyone read social media posts. From employers to junior most employees, from principals to students, from the boy next door to celebrities all find social media posts of their kind.

How does it influence the audiences and changes their minds?

All our family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you are planning to buy a camera, you search your queries on the latest cameras. Several contents come to you as a result of your search. Contents play a significant role in changing your notion on products and issues. Social media posts change our minds by the continuous flow of information.

Again, when we buy something we share our experiences with our social media community. In that way also social media posting indirectly changes our minds and gives us insight

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