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What is sniply? How does it help you in social media conversions?

What is sniply?

Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. You don’t have to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on Mashable, New York Times, TechCrunch and pretty much wherever you wish! This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action like a button linking back to your website.

How does it helps you in social media conversion?

Sniply adds your custom call-to-action to any page on the web, allowing you to engage your followers through every link you share. For example, you can attach a button to the page that links to your own website, so that people can discover you while they read.

With well over a billion pieces of content shared every single day, to build something that can help you capture the value of every link shared. You share content to promote your brand, build thought leadership, foster engagement, and ultimately to drive conversion.

Sniply For Enterprise&Business

Sniply is deeply integrated into marketing strategies of companies big and small. There are many unique perks and benefits to using Sniply on an enterprise level that are very different than for small businesses. These advantages truly differentiate our tool from other marketing tools out there.

Page, Message, and Call to Action

There are three basic components to Sniply: (1) the page you want your message to appear on, (2) the message you want to appear on the page, and (3) the call-to-action that leads to a conversion.

For example, using Sniply you can: (1) pick an article on Gizmodo about wearable technology, (2) overlay a message that says “check out my project”, and (3) add a button linking to your Kickstarter campaign.

Input and Output

When you feed in the 3 components (page, message, and call-to-action), Sniply will give you a unique Sniply link. This link contains the designated piece of content with your message embedded inside.Instead of sharing the original link you found, you can now share the special Sniply link which is essentially the same page but with your brand presence included inside. Most importantly, people reading this link will now have an opportunity to engage and interact with your call-to-action.

What is Sniply Analytics?

Activities on all Snips are tracked and measured by Sniply Analytics. The data we collect include clicks, conversions, average pages per visit, average time on landing page, average time on site, bounce rates, and more.You can segment Analytics in many ways to find the data you’re looking for. You can segment Analytics by Brands, Call-to-Actions, and individual Snips, across adjustable timeframes.

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