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What is SMAC and How it Helps your Digital Marketing strategy?

We have 4 Methodologies which drive traffic to an online business known as SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. These four make a workplace that empowers organizations to enhance their operations and come closer to their customer base getting more reach while keeping overhead expenses at the minimum. This unstructured information is utilized by organizations to make a unique model of doing business.


The good thing about SMAC is that organizations using these solutions are more collaborative, productive and better linked while getting real time information.

So let’s understand SMAC

Social networking: These platforms are dominating the market. The influence is so big, that businesses and industries all over the globe are using social multimedia platforms to market and promote their products. This is a great way to reach your targeted customers. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin provides sponsored Ads with precise targeting options, a great boon for advertisers.

Mobile:- In the past, laptops and PCs were the devices by which people paid bills, shopped and so much more.  Today, both have been replaced by Smartphone technology. People have gone mobile. As such, user friendly applications have been created to improve the customer’s experience and make it more rewarding.

Analytics:- There is a lot of information generated on a daily basis by numerous companies and individuals. The data collected can be used by the organizations to create effective marketing strategies. The companies are tracking and analyzing the data which will make them game changers in their domains. Best practices in building Management Information System helps organizations to accumulate their insight information.

Cloud – The importance of the cloud is that you can store data in massive amounts and never have to worry about losing it. As such, it creates the confidence that boosts productivity and innovation.  With the cloud, computing has become both user-friendly and convenient and it is now an important instrument where strategy is concerned.

When it comes to large and small companies, you often find that larger ones have practices that are quite entrenched, which make them slow in the uptake of innovation. Smaller companies on the other hand are more agile and adopt innovation faster. With SMAC, that is now likely to change. Decisions will be driven by SMAC leading to the redefinition of enterprise IT. It is believed that with SMAC geographical barriers will be wiped out, organizations will operate better and expenses will be brought down.

Social technology on the other hand, enables quick and easy content sharing,  quick content creation, wider distribution of information and better collaboration. With the entry of improved mobile technologies, people and businesses can easily connect all the time. Moreover,  information has become much easier to access. Analytics is being utilized as a part of the upgrade of supply chains and the enhancement of client relationship management. At the point when the huge data is created, analytics and tracking methods are utilized to give further knowledge into what is happening with the consumer.

Each one of the four methodologies carries more concepts and techniques within it. This gives a wide range of options, all of them equally assorted and diverse. It is safe to state that SMAC has set its establishment. What remains is for further exploitation and adaptation of this technology since it is currently in its earliest stages. That said, it is believed that the integration of these four technologies will result to a great number of opportunities that will empower businesses to move forward to greater progression.


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