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Setting up Google Analytics Account

The main marketing tool in any website is the “shop window”. The performance or the success of your website depends on: how many visitors you get every week?, where do they come from?, how many of those visitors opt-in to your email list?, what are the keyword that they have used to search before they reached your site? So many questions, yet the answer is very simple. All the information is available online through Google Analytics. It is one of the most complete online analytical tool that aids in market research; the best news is that comes for free!!

Let us take you through the process of setting up a Google Analytics account and set your website conversion goals.

Before setting up a website we need to understand the purpose of the website. Purposes can be :to engage users, to sell products or services, Similarly to make the website successful we need to set up and track website’s goals in order to track website conversions. Every business website has a purpose: to sell products or services, to cross-promote another site, to engage users. The purpose is achieved when a user accomplishes some specific action, like watching a video, filling in an inquiry form, viewing a minimum number of pages or buying a product. It’s important to analyze and identify these milestones so that you can track and measure the performance of your site. This data is available in the Goals report in parameters like Goal Completions, Goal Value and Goal Conversion Rate.

Below are the types of Google Analytics goals that you can track:

Destination: When the user reaches a specified Web page or app screen. This goal can be set up for a newsletter subscription in the webpage view. You need to set up for your email subscription form to redirect to a special page that says “thanks for subscription”. The views of this page will be tracked.

  • Duration: The amount of specified minimum time the user spends on your site or app.
  • Pages/Screens per visit::The specified minimum number of pages or screens viewed by the user.
  • Event: The user views a video/adds or performs any such action.

How can this data be useful after setting up the Google Analytics account?

The data obtained can be used to test the improvements that you have implemented on your site and identify what really works for you. Some changes that you have to consider doing are:


  • Having a pop up versus not having a pop up form, as well as having a text pop up offer versus a video opt-in offer
  • The name of your freebie or opt-in offer and reason to sign up for your list,
  • Its position on the page – above, below, after header, within the page etc.,
  • Is a sidebar signup needed or not, if needed should it be positioned differently within the sidebar.

Once you have done these changes it is imperative to measure the functioning and efficiency of these changes. The key to identifying is that you need to change only one variable at a time, allow it sometime and then check your results. If you are to change several aspects at the same time like changing the offer title, changing the location of the form, adding another form below the offer title– you will not be able to gauge for sure which of those improvements made the biggest difference, and which of the changes is actually be hampering the impact of others.

Within these goal analytics you can see what converts better by filtering it by keywords, demographics, sources. The data obtained can be used to plan and décor your marketing strategies.


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