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SEO Challenges of 2014

Seo-challengesThe year 2013 has been tough for many of the SEO experts. Earlier version of Penguin and Panda together with the newly launched Hummingbird has shaken the conventional ideas regarding search engine marketing.

The frequent SEO updates toy marketers often. The ultimate aim of Google is to provide the best return links to a user’s question, which means the more detailed your data is, the more it reaches into the upper echelons of search engines. A recent study shows that longer copies generated better leads and response. On the contrary mobile users need snappy and short content. So the Herculean SEO challenge here would be writing a prissy of a larger content for mobile users. So an SEO marketer needs to balance the value of in-depth content with a short attention span and small screen size of mobile users.

Google+ — Google has not revealed the exact criterion for ranking web pages. But the significance of Google + and Google Authorship is gaining momentum every now and then. Articles published on Google + receive a unique URL, thus generating more back links. Google Authorship amplifies the amount of clicks produced from a search.


One of the biggest SEO challenges is thinking about organic keyword and informative topics than mere stuffing keywords into an article. The era of keyword-rich article is bygone, now marketers need to provide unique and quality content that fully explores the topic unless focussing on a specific word.

Visual Media

There has been a lot of changing trend in the way users share info on the net. A straight content wouldn’t just be enough as sites like Instagram and Pinterest deals more with visual content. While this seems more outside the realm of production of content, marketers wanted to develop links between pictorials and content.

Guest Blogging rules the roost

Guest blogging has outgrown into a verified SEO marketing strategy from a hobby of niche blogging. Guest blogging will outshine in the recent future despite the time and effort it takes to build relations and seek out willing participants. The significance of links for rankings and constructive results for a widening audience turns guest blogging a direct route to search engine triumph.

If the catch game has been vast in 2013, marketers can lay back as all the search engine updates are travelling in a specific, easily defined path. While past years have compelled marketers to relearn the game, 2014 should be a year of a gentle shift to get content more in line with the ultimate goal of providing superior contents to specific user questions.

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