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11 Effective Ways Google Rank Brain Algorithm and Dwell time effecting SEO


From 2017, Google Rank Brain is considered the third most important element of Google Algorithm. And gradually its importance is rising. Businesses are taking more interests in Rank Brain to optimize their contents in SERP.

What do you mean by Google Rank Brain?

Google Rank Brain comes under Google Humming Bird algorithm which assists Google to pick the most suitable results against user search.

By using Rank Brain Algorithm Google understand the interests of the users searching for information in Google. It integrates several user interests to list the web pages in search engine results.

Does Rank Brain algorithm have a greater influence on SEO that the actual content or a blog post?

Hard to accept, but yes…

According to statistics, Rank Brain factors have 1100% greater influence on SERP than the relevancy of the content you have posted.

The way Google Rank Brain works:

Let me give you a practical example! It will help you to understand hoe rank brain works.

Let’s assume you are searching for “healthy breakfast ideas”. The moment you enter your keywords, thousands of pages will come up.

You scan the first page and click on the page most seems most responsive to your queries. If that page fails to render the answer, you leave that page within a few seconds and come back on Google.

Then you go for another page and find it appealing and spend 5 minutes there. Now, you become happy
that you got information from the page.

Google Rank Brain is permanent watchdog who observes every single behaviour of the users in the search engine. It acts according to the results of its two components; dwell time and CTR (Click through Rates). Google moves the page with higher dwell time and CTR ahead in search engine result.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell time refers to the approximate time spent by the users on a web page. It starts with your click on the web page. It ends you eave that page and comes back to Google. For top ranking pages, the average dwell time ranges between 3 minutes to 10 seconds.

You can easily check average dwell time for your posts in Google Analytics. The longer user dwells on a web page, the higher it gets on ranking.

You will get more email subscribers, social shares and conversions if your page ranks top in SERP.

What is CTR?

CTR indicates the percentage of viewers that click on a specific page.

You can use Google search console of Google Analytics to get an idea of your posts in Google and visits against each keyword phrase.

For the top three search engine result pages, the average CTR is 36%. The more click your pages get; they are more likely to rank higher in Google ranking.

11 Ways to improve SEO results through Google Rank Brain Algorithm and dwell time:

Now you got the basic ideas of Rank Brain, Dwell time and CTR!

Let us now focus on ways to improve your rankings in Google search engine results. There are 3 tips for CTR and 8 for dwell time.

 3 Ways to improve CTR for a web page:

           The title

You are more likely to get 75% more clicks on the basis of title influence. You need to make sure that you are using the right title for your content.

A perfect title will consider the inclusion of odd number and exact keywords with an adjective.

           The description

Just under the title of the page, we find out the description. This description influences 20% of the Click-through rates. You need to create descriptions in such a way that compels viewers to click on your page.

            The date

Date holds 5% influence on CTR. Google considers recently published pages for listing. You need to update your content in regular intervals so that Google can catch your by date also.

8 ways to increase dwell time for pages:

1.   Make sure the first sentence of your post remains visible: You need to ensure that whoever is visiting your posts through a computer, laptop or a mobile device can clearly see the first line of your post before scrolling down.

2.   Introduction of the post needs to be strong and relevant

3.   Small paragraphed content: Viewers lose interests while reading big paragraph contents. Break contents in small parts. Keep it straight  Keep it simple.

4.  Use of relevant visuals: Viewers like contents with attracting visuals and informative charts. Use them strategically!

5. Keep content format simple: Do not go for stylish fonts to make your content appealing. You can simply use fonts like Helvetica or Aral.     They will never go wrong. 150% line spacing is good your content.

6. Show your ads or promos after first or second paragraph in mobile

7. Use internal links in your posts: Link your one post with another one! If they read two or three posts instead of one, it will increase the dwell time for your page.

8. Use customized pop up in place of a generalized one: Instead of using a common pop up for the entire site you can use customized one for different pages. Pop-ups for real estate and health websites are needed to be different.

Use all the ideas and tips to increase the ranking of your website.

Happy reading…!

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