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Now Comprehensive health & Wellness in your hands!

healthCountry like India spends 4.1% of GDP in healthcare and private spending on healthcare is 70.8%. By 2015,  3 million patients worldwide are expected to use remote health monitoring devices that uses a smartphone as a hub to transfer information (Source – Juniper research)

Although there are many mobile applications which are helpful in curing common cold to weight management to chronic diseases like Asthma and Diabetes, there is no such application which has a holistic approach to wellness. To bridge this gap, HeartGlo  a health technology and integrative wellness company, based in San Francisco recently launched a mobile App for IOS devices which can serve as a comprehensive health management tool. This application is the first comprehensive health management app that not only lets users track, but also shows them how to manage their daily health to live well sustainable. HeartGLO does this through a set of well-established wellness practices that cover Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, Stress, Meditation, and Conscious Breathing.

The application is developed by Saxon Global, a Texas based Global IT company is primarily into Mobility and Analytics. With the quantified-self movement and mHealth apps gaining momentum, there couldn’t be a better time for the app launch! The App launched is initially offered for all iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, and iPod, with an Android launch soon to follow.

Wellness mobile App developed by Saxon Global.

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