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Microsoft to Buy Israeli Text Analysis Firm Equivio for $200M

microsoft-takeoverMicrosoft has signed a letter of intent to purchase Equivio, an Israeli text analysis firm, for a healthy $200 million, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

A person “familiar with the matter” told the WSJ it is by no means a done deal, however. It is possible it could still fall through.

Neither company was willing to comment on the matter.

Equivio develops text analysis software is used in e-discovery and information governance.

“Text analysis software organizes sets of documents and e-mails in meaningful ways,” the company website reads. “Here are a few examples. Grouping near-duplicate documents. Reconstructing email threads. Clustering by subject. Search. Language detection. Data mining. And predictive coding software that you can train to find relevant or privileged documents. It’s a fascinating area because it imitates human intuition.”

Equivio was founded by Amir Milo, Yiftach Ravid and Warwick Sharp. The firm is based in Rosh Ha’Ayin, about 26 kilometers east of Tel Aviv.

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