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Intel Buys Israeli Gesture-Recognition Firm for $40M

intelIntel has acquired Israel-based gesture-recognition firm Omek Interactive for $40 million, sources within both companies told Geektime.

Samsung and Qualcomm, reportedly, were also pursuing Omek Interactive, Geektime reportedtoday.

Omek Interactive is the creator of gesture-recognition technology for a large number of products such as electronics, cars, video games and casinos. Using a sensor, the company can determine a person’s movements and then combine the information with its target program. The software, which works similar to the way the Wii does, is operable even at long distances.

Omek also developed a technology called Grasp, a full-featured set of middleware and tools that allows the user to “quickly and efficiently create hand and& finger tracking and gesture interfaces” for both applications and devices. Grasp is designed for “close-range environments” and works from ranges as close as 10 centimeters.

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