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Important Web tools for SEO


Important Web Tools For SEO

Keyword is vital for any website to gain prominence. The visibility of a website depends on the keywords that we choose for optimization.

Keyword suggestion

Keyword suggestion tool is one of the best tools to identify keywords that are searched more on the Google Search Engine. If you enter your target keyword ion this tools, it will give you 10 most popular keywords. If you further click on the results shown, it will forward you o further more similar keywords.

Keyword Density Checker

This is a best tool for SEO. This tool will help webmasters achieve maximum keyword distribution. First enter the exact website address of the page you want to check the keyword for into the text box and you will get all the keyword in Large and small fonts. The popular keyword will appear in a bolder font while the less popular ones will appear in a smaller font.

Backlink Checker

Gaining backlinks is highly essential in Search Engine optimization. If you want to make a note of the number of backlinks you have for a page, enter the exact website address of the page you want to check the backlinks for and click enter.  The results will be shown in a table.

Google Banned Checker

This is the best tool to check whether a website is banned. This tool analyzes your domain with Google search to detect if the domain is banned. The conclusion could also be wrong because if the domain has expired, the tool may detect it as banned when it actually isn’t.

Google Datacenter Search

This tool helps in searching keywords/phrase through different Google data centres. Enter keyword to search through Google Datacenter. Select search options and click the ‘check’ button. You will get all the required results. Search results could vary from server to server.

Google PageRank Prediction

Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. This Prediction tool predicts your future Google Page Rank. To find your future Page Rank enter the website address in the text box and press enter. The results will provide a prediction of the future Page Rank however, this should not be considered true. The results can sometimes be known as current “real” Page Rank.

Index Checker

This tool searches though every search engines to establish how many pages from a specific website is present on a search engines index. In order to use this tools enter the url into the box provided and press enter. You can click on the figures besides the search engine name to view the pages present on that engine index.

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