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How to Write Tall Tweets


Tall Tweets

Are you a Twitter Freak? Tired of trimming your tweets to acceptable levels? Ever wished that you could write more than 140 characters. There is a solution to it. Now there are applications that would let you write longer tweets.

How to write Tall Tweets?

Tall Tweet is a simple tool that would turn your longer tweet into an image. This could in-turn be published on Pinterest or Tumber if you want to widen the reader base. This way you can concentrate on your content more and less on the hash tags and usernames.

The only disadvantage of Tall Tweets is that @mentions don’t work because it is an image , however you can make it work if you include hashtags and @mentions at the beginning of the tweet. A viewer can click on the ‘View Photo’ on Twitter card to view the full tweet.

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