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How to Upload Keywords into Google Keyword Planner

upload-keyword-plannerHow to Upload Keywords into Google Keyword Planne? You can upload your own list of keywords into Google Keyword Planner from an external file using a CSV file (comma-separated values). After uploading the keywords, you can use Keyword Planner to get historical statistics or traffic estimates for them.

What are the file types that you can use: CSV file exported from AdWords Editor,

CSV file created using Excel, CSV file created using Google spreadsheets, or any other spreadsheet programs,CSV file created using a text editor, like TextEdit or Notepad. You can also upload a .zip file of any of the above.

What should be the File format? If the file contains only keywords, then it should be listed line by line. If your file includes keywords grouped into ad groups, you’ll need to create a column header row. Every column header should be in English for Keyword Planner to recognize them.

While uploading the file, columns relevant to Keyword Planner will be imported, while columns that Keyword Planner doesn’t recognize would be spared. For instance, Keyword Planner can identify an “Ad group” column with the name of your ad group and a “Keyword” column with the ad group’s corresponding keywords. Here’s a list of all the columns that Keyword Planner recognizes:

“Ad group”




“Location ID”

“Language targeting”


“Max CPC”

“Criterion type”

Campaign-level settings, like network or language settings, must use the AdWords Editor format.

You must set the same ad group default bid for each ad group. Also, if your file includes keyword bids, we won’t be able to upload it.

How to download historical statistics

In order to download statistics for all of your keyword ideas, click the download button. To download statistics for your plan, click the download button Download icon that’s in your plan.

Select the AdWords Editor CSV radio button to download the file in the AdWords Editor format, which you can later import into AdWords as a spreadsheet. Select the Excel CSV radio button to download the file in the Excel CSV format.

How to get estimates and save keywords

In Keyword Planner, you will find a graph that shows the maximum cost-per-click (max CPC) bids and traffic estimates for various bids. By default, we’ll show the number of clicks per day that all of your keywords might get for the different bids.

Click the drop down menu if you would like to see a different metric, like impressions or cost. You can also hover over a point on the graph to see a summary of all your estimates for that particular bid.

To get detailed estimates in the table, enter a max CPC bid in the box above the graph or select a bid from the graph. To see estimates for a specific bid and budget, enter both a bid and a daily budget.

By default, we’ll show you estimates for your ad group ideas. The estimates are: clicks, impressions (“Impr.”), average position (“Avg. Pos.”), cost, clickthrough rate (“CTR”), and average cost-per-click (“Avg. CPC”).

Next to the graph, you’ll see a “Targeting” panel with location, language, network, and date range settings that we’ll use when calculating the estimates. Click the pencil icon to change these settings. Your estimates will get updated.

After reviewing your estimates, you can save your keywords to your account by clicking Save to account.

To add your keywords to a new campaign, enter a name for the campaign, ad group default bid, and daily budget.

To add your keywords to an existing campaign, select “Add as new ad group(s)” or “Add to an existing ad group.” Then, select the campaign you want to add your keywords to and enter an ad group default bid.

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