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How to Set up Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools

Do you own a website? Do you face issues on managing the technical side of the website? Then it is high time you install Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is not only free, but it also lets you view how Google oversees your site and can make you aware of website issues like 404 error pages and if your site has been infected with malware.

How to install Google Webmaster Tools?

Sign into your Google Account (Google+ or Gmail)

Once you are signed in visit and click “Add a Site.” In the Add a site pop-up window, add your website’s base URL that ends with .com, .org or other. Then click “Continue.”

Next is the verification process. Click on the “Alternate methods” tab to view them all.

  • If your website has Google Analytics (GA) and you have “administrator” permission, verifying your ownership will be spontaneous. Here’s how it is done: Select the radio button next to “Google Analytics” click on “verify” and your GWT account is ready to start.
  •  In case you do not have Google Analytics set up, you can select the “HTML tag” option if you have know to edit your website’s HTML code. Highlight and copy the text Google demonstrates (starting with <meta name=…). Next, open your home page on a web editor,  paste the new Meta tag into the <head> section, and save the changes. Once this done click the Verify button to complete the Google Webmaster Tools setup.
  • If the first two methods doesn’t work, Try the “Domain name provider” option. Drop down the list and choose the company name where you have registered the domain. Follow the commands given. Then click the Verify to finish.
  • This method is specially made for people who have a Google Tag Manager account and “manage” permission. Once you are verified as the site owner, your Webmaster Tools account should be all set for use (You may have to wait a couple of days for the data to be available if this is a new account).
  • How to use the Tool: To use your new tools, visit and sign in. Once you are signed in Click “Manage site” and start exploring the wonderful tools and reports.

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