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How to Recruit Candidates Using Social Media


socia media recruitment

In the present business world, social media is not just a leisure world to chat and share updates; to human resource persons it is more like a live digital resume. Companies are refining their talent pools by diving through social media platforms and inviting top professionals to join their boardrooms for an interview. Here are a few tips on how your business can rely on social networking platforms for recruitment.  

While LinkedIn, with its educational background, resumes, job histories and professional contacts, is a beneficial tool for choosing prospective employees in any industry, there are many other social media sites that are geared toward specific professional interests. In addition to the most common platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and Facebook, search for the lesser-known social media sites that attract members based on their degree or job. Otherwise, join interest-based groups on popular sites so you find people who are personally invested in your niche.

Ask for the social media handle of all the impressive persons that you meet. While participating in any business gatherings and conventions, follow your new acquaintances through social media. While passing your business cards to any new persons do not forget to include your social media address too. Regularly check the friends list or followers list of your friends to seek potential employees and choose to follow them as well.

Create an impressive social media page because there are candidates who search for companies in social media and send job request even if there aren’t any job vacancies posted. In order to attract these candidates a social media page should be made more attractive and dynamic by including a lot of videos, images and articles. Be sure to include an e-mail address where followers can send resumes, or direct them to the company’s website section on job openings.

Post all your job openings and contact information online. Ask your employees as well to post the job openings in their social networks. Don’t get too personal on a public posting, however; use private and direct messages on social media to take the job conversation to the next level.

The best way to recruit candidates using social media is by matching their social media profiles to resume. When you receive resumes for open job positions, go to any social media site and use the search feature to find the person. Use his/her profile details to get a better understanding of how this person intermingles with others, particularly past or current co-workers. Find evidence to support his or her background claims and achievements. Take a clear look at photos to determine how they behave when off the clock because such behavior can affect the reputation of the company. If you prefer a candidate, link to him/her through social media. You can watch this person’s professional evolution and see if he or she will be a good fit for the company later. For candidates who are on the final stage of getting recruited, interact with them on various social media before hiring them to be sure their personality fits with the company.

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