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How To Optimize Facebook Fan Page And Twitter Profile

-how-to-optimize-facebook-fan-pageOptimizing is not only meant for websites and blogs but also for a company’s Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. It’s quite simple and will take only a few minutes of your time. Optimizing will help improve the ranking of your social media profiles on search engines. Besides it will also give the benefit of higher ranking.

Optimizing on social networks improves solid brand identity. A consistent portrayal of your brand across all social networks will strengthen your online identity.

Optimizing Facebook fan page and Twitter profile helps people find your business. This also serves you to wade out the popularity of another company with the same company name of yours. Optimizing your accounts can make people distinguish your business from others.

Get more likes and followers. Your brand representation is more clear and concise with optimization which helps people determine whether or not they will follow you. The people who do follow you will be those that value your content or “high-quality audience” as one might call it. Also, your social networks will be easier to find for people who already know about your business.

 Optimizing Business Fan Page On Facebook

The name of your Facebook Fan Page is your SEO title. This is where you place the name of your business. Do not use your keywords here because a business page needs to be ranked for the brand and not the keywords. Besides, it would be easy for people to locate you on Facebook with the business name.

While sharing articles from a business blog, always fill the space where it says “Say something about this link…” with a keyword-optimized status. The first 18 characters written in this space are valuable because they serve as the SEO title.

It is advised to use keywords as a username and use the business name in place of full name because this will serve as the SEO title.

Upload your business logo as your profile picture. Before you do, make sure that the file name is same as your business. There’s no need to assign ALT tag because Twitter will automatically pull out the full name you used for the profile – which in this case is your business title – and use that.

At the “Bio” section, you will be limited to a few characters so use this space wisely for placing keywords that are related to your business. You can make it conversational or you can separate keywords with spaces and special characters. When people are looking for someone to follow via Twitter-centric search engines, the keywords will bring your profile up on the suggestions list.

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