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How to Make Sales Through Facebook


Sell through Facebook

We all are aware that using social media accounts can idealistically generate more sales; since they can help you increase your traffic, become a thought leader in your industry and establish a genuine base of customers who will refer friends. But Facebook can do much more. In marketing point of view, Facebook is a best marketing tool.  

Benefits of sales through Facebook: While people think that websites are the best medium to make sales online it is not so, there are many ways to monetize your Facebook page. The common way to promote in Facebook is by posting pictures of your products.

Users can comment on the photos that you post and depending on the requirement they will give you the order or measurement. While there are tools to make shipping and billing more private and efficient, as discussed below, a simple way to do it is by having users also leave their email addresses. By making sales through Facebook, people feel closer to you than they would on website.

Develop a Following: Building a following won’t happen out of the blue. It could take at least a good six months or a year for you to have a large number of users who consistently participate in your Facebook sales. In order to find a good number of users one can make use of Facebook ads. Once you establish a following, though, you might not need to advertise much.

How to sell: When you segregate a pool of customers, and then go for sales. Streamline the number of products and decide on the days when you want to hold the sale. Designate the exact hours of sale and be clear on the sale plans, so that the Facebook users trust you on the loyalty. Start posting various pictures of each item so that the users can comment on it and make the purchase orders.

Boom sales once you gain enough trusted customers. There are ways to make your followers’ buying experience more streamlined and official even though it’s through a social network.

Use an app like Soldsie. This tool can help make the payment process a lot trouble-free for you and your followers. The app can invoice, process payments, and manage shipping and order management.

Engage your customers with add coupons, photos or “sneak peaks” to upcoming sales to keep them interested even when there’s not a sale!

There is an increasing risk in making sales through Facebook, so keep track of all the negatives and be ultra vigilant before committing on any supply.

You can’t have as many sales tactics as a website. Payment can be more difficult. If you process all sales by hand, the payment process can become very tedious.

Your competitors can see everything. They’ll know all of your products, and they’ll also be able to see every one of your customers.

Facebook functions throughout the day. Your business will never be 24/7 because it’s almost guaranteed that people will be commenting and engaging with you at all hours of the day.

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