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How to filter out unwanted ads in Google


How to Filter Google Ads

There are numerous ways to filter out unwanted content in Google. An unwanted content can include advertisements and other search results that do not make a lot of sense. The reasons for filtering unwanted contents differ from person to person.

If somebody blocks unwanted content for new surfing experience other may be blocking it to ensure that their children are not getting access to adult content. On the other hand, there are users who filter contents to reduce distractions from search topics. Two main ways on how to filter unwanted content in Google involve the use of browser extensions and inbuilt features by the Google developers.

 How to block unwanted advertisements in Google

In order to block unwanted advertisements in Google, you can use many tools. This is trending among web users. Both Firefox and Chrome users have the option of adding an extension for automatically blocking ads. These extensions could be found in the add-ons category. An alternative method is to use HOST filters to prevent advertisement from specific hosts. For instance, Firefox users can implement the widely used Ad block Plus. This is one of the best add-ons for blocking ads. On the other hand, individuals who uses Chrome browser there is the Ad Block add-on. You just have to add it to the browser to filter out all unwanted ads.

Luckily, advanced ad block add-ons give users the freedom to customize on only the things that they do not want to see while leaving those that they want. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions before installing any of the add-ons. Additionally, if any subscriptions are to be made, make sure you are doing that too.

Google makes a lot of change in its algorithms often. According to the recent change in its algorithms Google has made it clear that only important results appear on the first page of the search. The way this feature works is simple. A user is required to log into Google account first or if the user doesn’t have a login account then he/she needs to sign up for one. Once this is done, the user just has to do a normal search. If you visit any of the URLs and find that the link is not helpful, return to the previous search results. Take a look at the options given next to the link. You would find a block feature that would help in blocking all the future results from the same site. To ensure that the feature is working, just refresh the page and see. In case you want to open the blocked sites in the future you will be able to do so with ‘manage blocked websites’.

The human way to filter unwanted content is by typing the correct spelling while searching. 

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