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How to Fight Negative Reviews on Websites

negative-reviewsNegative reviews on the Internet can tarnish your business. Anybody with a bad experience can post a negative review on the web, so it is advisable to keep a tab on who is mentioning your company name on the Internet.

People prefer one-to-one conversation so pose yourself as the business owner and reply to the complaint. Certain services will let you message the reviewer directly. Be straight and apologize for the bad experience they had with your company, even if the fault wasn’t yours, and try your best to resolve their concerns. If the complaint concerns a shipment delay, figure out why the package didn’t go out on time. Chances are if that customer was ticked others might also face the same experience. According to researches, 95 percent of unhappy customers will return if an issue is resolved promptly. Use this negative review to mould a positive experience for future customers.

When you publicly respond to a complaint on a site, others will see how you’ve dealt with the issue of the customer. They will ultimately judge your business based on that correspondence. On the other hand if you become rude in your reply, you will end up in a huge loss than the one you have been into now.

So how do you know when somebody types in a negative review? The best way to do deal with negative reviews is through Google Alerts. Google Alerts send you e-mail alerts whenever your brand is mentioned on the Web. Twitter is also a good conversation stream to monitor — negative mentions of your brand can take on a life of their own if left unattended. Free tools like TweetBeep and Twilert will send you e-mail alerts when your brand pops up within those 140 character strings.

Another decent way to fight negative reviews is by asking your customers to post in their reviews on their services. This tactic is very helpful as 10 good reviews can mar one bad review of yours.

Another best way to fight your negative reviews is by taking control of your front page on Google, when it comes to brand. Social properties tend to have high page authority and, thus, gravitate to the top of search rankings. Even if your organization doesn’t have anything to do with social media, you can use these profile pages to fill Google’s front page for your brand effectively pushing the negative review down to the second page where it will be seen rarely.

While choosing a social media, choose the right one that fits your business. Facebook and Twitter are no brainers based on the size of their user bases. If you are selling for younger demographics then target Instagram and Tumblr. If your product is image based Look at what Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram have to offer. The point here is to fill up your social profile completely on these sites to highlight your brand name in the title of the page and business descriptions.

A negative review doesn’t kill your brand online if you deal with it swiftly and effectively.  Create your social profiles, clear up all the present negative feedback, remain vigilant and always remember that any customer could create a mountain of headaches for you at any time. Killing them with kindness may make your skin crawl in the moment, but that brief measure of civility could save you hours of work and huge amount of money in lost sales dealing with a customer painting your brand in negativity online.

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