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How to drive traffic to your website

drive-traffic-to-your-websiteTraffic on the road is a nuisance but traffic on a website is a blessing. There are umpteen ways to drive traffic both online and offline. Though some techniques are more fruitful than others, there are others which have improved and become obsolete over a period of time.  The overall conversion rate of an eCommerce website is just 3per cent, which accounts for a lot of traffic to become successful. If one webmaster survives for 100 visitors a day another may need at least 1000 for their business to run.

Here are a few online techniques to boost traffic for Internet business survival.

Since the arrival of social media in the World Wide Web, e business has been spreading like wild fire. Participation and presence of mind are the keywords in social media. A social media campaign requires full and continuous participation; else you will have a great fall. Make sure that your profile is 100% complete. An incomplete profile will not propel business.

Facebook- The numero-uno social media site could change your world. Participate in marketing campaigns and earn likes.

Twitter-Helps to connect with your followers. Address them regularly. Avoid tweeting mere sales and ad pitches.

Pinterest- Pinterest is more of a visual social site, so post effective and relevant images.

Google+ — Take advantage of all the great features provided.

Content Marketing — In content marketing you need to write informative articles and post them on blogs, e magazines and other appropriate websites. A good content surely will attract people and drive them to your website.

Blog Commenting — Post meaningful comments instead of typing monosyllables like “yes’, “agree”. Incorporate resources and facts that interests readers. When you create interest, people will become interested in you and your business. Add facts, resources, etc. to get more people to become interested in what you have to say.  When people pay attention to what you say and become interested, they will also become interested in you and your business.

Search Engines — Search engines are changing at a swift pace, so keep updated on the latest developments and make necessary alterations to the website.  Search engines are always changing.  What worked last year might not work this year, so keep up with the search engines and make any necessary adjustments to your website. Good and unique contents would always bring good results. Regular updating of contents keeps the site fresh.

Newsletter- Another powerful way to earn traffic is by publishing an ezine or newsletter. An interesting and interactive newsletter would help build a foundation. Offer a weekly contest or feature an FAQ section.

Blogging — if you are still miles away from a blog, it’s high time you create one. A blog is likely to place you high up in the search engine. An active and content-rich blog will bring you tonnes of traffic.

Podcasting — A podcast is a digital file that is available for download. So create a podcast that talks about your business niche.

Mobile Marketing — There is a sweeping trend in mobile with internet. In order to keep your business rearing up, make the website mobile friendly, targeting the mobile users. More and more people are going mobile with the Internet.

Video Marketing — Visuals can speak millions than letters. According to a study online shoppers are more influenced by watching a video.

The old school of free classifieds, banner advertising, mass e-mails are just not very effective, some could even result in harm. The best way is to keep a bird’s eye view on trends in marketing and make best advantage of marketing tactics.

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