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How to do Video SEO


How to do video SEO

How to optimize YouTube Video Page

The YouTube page where your video is posted is similar to any other website page. It consists of the same on-page elements that Google uses to evaluate for search placement. So you are required to optimize it for the targeted keywords.

  •  The first thing is to write a catchy title that contains the target keyword. Do not exceed 70 characters, and place the target keyword within the first 5 words of the title.
  • Write a description of about 300 words. Insert your target keywords into the content at 4 to 5 instances. The keyword should be present in the first sentence of the description and in every paragraph thereafter. Include all other relevant keywords too and also never forget to include links to your websites and other related videos on your in your channel.
  • Tags are the key to show in search engine results. Include all relevant tags.

Traction for Your Video: Once the video is published and the video page is optimized, do the traction for it immediately because YouTube ranks only videos that have utterly good views, comments, likes and social shares.

  • Share the video on all social media sites like Twitter, Interest, LinkedIn and Face book and Google + and ask your friends and family members to like, comment and share the video.
  • Email the video to your colleagues and clients.
  •  Video responses hold high weight age, so if know anyone who has an active account on YouTube ask him/her to create a video response to your video.
  • Submit the video to social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Stumbleupon.

Link Building: A YouTube page is treated like a landing page by Google. So start building links because link building plays a key role in getting your video top in Google. This becomes accurate especially when the target keyword is highly competitive.

  • A stable monthly link building campaign comprising a variety of link types such as social bookmarks, web 2.0 posts, blog articles, video syndication and article directory submissions will greatly affect the video’s visibility on Google over time.

Typically, with constant link building, you can get a video ranked on page 1 of Google for your target search terms in less time than you think.

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