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How to design a good website

create a good website

A unique and user-friendly website would attract more visitors to your website within no time. The home page of a website decides the impression it creates on any user. Missing links and errors snatch the website credibility, thus killing your business.

The core factor in designing a website is to make the graphics idiot-proof, providing high accessibility to the users. Here are some tips to entice the visitors to stay longer on your website.

Users wish to browse the site to search for contents or images that they want, so a simple and catchy website would aid in sustaining them longer on your page. The website navigation should be in such a way that there should not be any difficulty for the user to get their search done. One must keep in mind the fact that creative designs should not over shadow navigation.

A foremost factor for any website is the content. Any website is incomplete without proper content. The website must speak about their products and services through contents and articles. Proper use of keywords is vital to generate SEO. Short, crisp and simple writings are the need of the hour.

Now that the writing part is discussed, the next key aspect is the font of the text. Fonts must be properly directed. Commonly used fonts are Calibri and Times New Roman. The body of the page needs to be distinct contrast such as white text on black background and a uniform font size must be maintained throughout.

Not everyone could be using a T3 connection, so keep the images and graphics simple. A large graphic could be linked to a thumbnail version and the users could be given a warning that the link contains a large image. Try to make the site flash-free, thus giving the visitors a user-friendly experience.

Proper links give added advantage. Make sure all your links have some meaning. Instead of blindly asking the user to “click here”, highlight what they are linked to. Make sure that every link on your website has some reason. Even though they are out of context, they should be making some sense. A broken page irks a person so always do proper coding.

Finally, do not test the patience of your visitors, make sure your website loads easily, else you might end up losing a unique visitor. Rely on a trusted server that gives maximum speed.

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