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Building brand awareness through Instagram

Building Brand through Instagram

Building Brand Awareness through Instagram

Creating brand awareness through Instagram

Marketers today value social media marketing–especially visual marketing–more highly than ever before.

92% of marketers indicates that social media is an increasingly essential tool, there is also a growing trend towards using  visual content on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, there has been an uptake in marketers using visually based platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Marketers are now looking to create original visuals and videos to engage audiences, and there’s no question that marketers need to think about shifting their content strategy that way.Within the last few couple of years there  have been mind-boggling increase in the  usage of  Instagram. So here’s how can take this opportunity to optimize your business model through Instagram.

Networking is the heart of any business

The whole concept of social media is to be social and to network with people across the globe.Visit the feeds of other brands and users whose content you like, follow them and actively comment on their posts. Be online and create an online presence. Analyze people and their interest,   people who are interested in things related  to your business or industry. Position your business in  people’s minds.

Keep your followers engaged

Once you have followers the next important factor is to keep them interested. Use Instagram to inform about discounts and promotions, highlight special customers and include their username in the post, hold online contests and reward the winner with some free items. This way you can create a space in your followers mind. Next time they plan to buy something they will recall your name. The key is to make  Instagram interesting and interactive so you can stand much ahead of your competitor who is less engaged.

Use Tags

Tag is when someone ‘tags’ you in an image. Before uploading your image hit the Tag People button underneath the caption section. Begin writing the username of the person you want to take .

Use Hashtag # to create brand awareness
Hashtags – add the # symbol in front of key terms in your caption. Hashtags allows you to easily sort out related posts and contents .You can find the popular hashtags  related to your business or industry. The more distinct and  relevant hashtag that you use, more likely people are to discover your brand. Since you can use more than one at a time, you can  add number of hashtags  to  create more awareness

Create the connection with your audience

Having a positive connection with the audience is very important . Let these individuals get acquainted with your brand. Present images associated with your business in an attractive and funny way to grab quick attention. Publish some sort of movie associated with  your brand, introduce them to the faces behind your brand . Remember to keep a check list  on topic and carefully selects contents things that relates to your brand. Give people some fun things to associate with you as well.


Follow interesting businesses. Go to the Instagram’s settings and click ‘find people to follow’. This will give you the option of finding people in three different ways -Facebook friends, through your contacts list and  also ‘Instagram Suggested.’You can also search hashtags related to key areas of your interests. You can  find people /business with similar interests to follow.This will help you to identify your target segment and formulate a marketing strategy for your target group

Successful business model creating is a critical success factor for any business. associated with message It is about consistency of your message and content. You can learn about marketing technique  by paying attention to what your competitors are doing better than you. The important thing is that you stay active and continuously reward your audience and  improve your efforts on Instagram and other social media.

Happy creating and building successful business 🙂

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