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How To conceptualize your new content to drive traffic

How to conceptualize your new content to drive traffic is a big question in digital marketing. Content marketing and link building is an integral part of the modern-day SEO campaign. Creating a content that is relevant within your niche and other websites reading it and sharing it on their site is not as simple as it sounds. Identifying the content gap is the need of the hour. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here; in fact, take a look at ways tcontent-conceptualizingo build upon existing popular content first before even coming up with new concepts.

In order to conceptualize your new content and gain an idea on what content works well within your niche, there is a very handy free tool called BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo permits you to hunt through popular content based on a search query that you input. You can sort out the content by type (i.e., article, video, infographic, etc.) and also by the total amount of social shares across each network.

Using this tool, you can also go in-depth into what sites are publishing the popular content so you can do further analysis around the other content on those sites.

Use Social Crawlytics (another free analysis tool) to generate a report across a whole domain; it tells you the most popular content produced and the authors behind it. It’s also great for spying on competitors.

Something else that a lot of people really overlook is actually asking your audience what they want. I recently launched a food blog, Pescetarian Kitchen, and as part of the content planning I spent a few weeks going through a variety of online communities to ask people what they were looking for.

Reddit is an awesome platform to carry out this research. There’s pretty much a subreddit for every kind of interest, so you’ll be able to ask the kind of people that are likely to share your content directly.

The feedback that I got from within the subreddit was invaluable, and it has shaped my approach for the content within the blog.

It’s all simple stuff, but I see so many businesses falling down at this stage.

Building The Content: Once you’ve identified the content gap, it is time to plan your approach. How to create a call-to-action within the content and what will it be (e.g., newsletter subscription, contact enquiry, sale, pageview, social share etc.)? Deciding the content format is a particularly important decision to make. Sometimes, the format of the content alone can make it link-worthy. For this you needn’t create a huge interactive piece; something as like a buyer’s guide would work wonders. The important thing to keep in mind is your audience needs and likes.

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