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How to choose the best keyword


Google keyword planner

These days, successful keyword research is an important skill for digital marketers. A search engine optimizer should have the knowledge to develop a good keyword list for SEO and PPC and a smart content marketer even does a keyword research on what topic to write on.  Keyword planner is the best tool to research on keywords.

How to access keyword planner

To access keyword planner, sign into Google Adwords account at Click on Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select “Keyword Planner”.

Keyword Planner provides historical statistics solely for exact match. In order to choose on what match type to use, add the keyword idea to your plan and review the traffic estimates for each match type. This change will give you an estimate of how much traffic you should expect from different match types. There’s quite a bit of similarity between broad and phrase match keywords, and the search volume statistic in Keyword Tool didn’t take that overlap into account. Traffic estimates like click and cost do take this overlap into account, so a thorough check on those can help you decide which match type to use.

Using Keyword Planner you can get the “Average monthly searches”. The average monthly search volume depends either on your target set. You can get the search volume of a region, country or global search volume by targeting all locations.

If you have a list of keywords in handy, you can enter those keywords manually or upload them as a CSV file to get an idea of how popular those keywords have been. It also gives you the click and cost estimates.

Keyword Planner doesn’t let you explicitly target mobile devices, like mobile phones and tablets.




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