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Before answering the question of why a digital marketer should be hired, it is prerogative to understand what is digital marketing and what does a digital marketer do. Further is to be discussed reasons why digital marketing such an important mode in the marketing of the product or service today.

World running on Technology

World today is running on technology. Consumers have access to information at any point in time anywhere. The information these days mainly come from media, company/brand and friends and family who are again technology users. The Internet is today’s language.

Internet - Todays language

Unlike traditional marketing methods and sale and purchase, digital marketing helps consumers to-

1) Identify brands they can trust

Brand trust

2) Get the feeling that their preferences are well understood by the companies

3) Receive personalized and user-specific communication

 Consumer Behaviour

Hence, this indicates beyond the simple ability to use media, the understanding of consumer habits and drive, the ability to synthesis analytics and communicating effectively with clients. Methods of Digital marketing enables the analysis of marketing campaigns to understand what is working and what is not. Questions about the frequency of views and duration, sales conversion and content efficacy are obtained.

Sales conversion

Every second day we see some or the other advancement taking place in the digital space. This pushes the online service providers to gear up to fast-moving trends of technology and electronic media. The existence of online companies is to suit consumer online purchase. And each company is in competition to provide the best service and reach customer satisfaction. They manage complex customer relationships across an array of channels. Engage in dynamic and meaningful customer interactions. Facilitate better decision making by utilizing big data.

The hustle is only going to get harder. So how does that happen? What does this online marketing and sale operation involve? Does this involve some professional expertise and skill set? The answer is YES!

Digital marketing is about that operation which comprises of marketing of campaigns for the company product or service promotion. Enhancement of brand awareness, the building of website traffic and lead acquisition. The professionals who deal with this field of work are called  Digital Marketers.

Work plan of a Digital Marketer-

Based on huge online consumer presence,

1) Develop marketing strategies

2) Manage ad campaigns, social media, SEO

3) Analyze campaigns and identify the efficacy.

4) Track KPIs

Track KPIs

Digital marketer basically has a diversity of skills coming from analytical thinking, Keyword research, content-creation to social media knowledge.


Digital marketers keep finger on the pulse

Finger on the pulse

Finger on the pulse

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, it is needed for the DMer to stay updated about the market. Consumer behavior is also radically shifting. The need is to keep a track of consumer online activity and their source of motivation for their social and mobile behavior. Media consumption is increasingly fragmented these days, subscribing to industry blogs and newsletters can help stay on top of the latest news.

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