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Guide to Pick the Best WordPress Theme


Guide to pick the best WordPress theme

With over a million WordPress themes available online, searching for the best WordPress theme could be tedious job. The biggest and most official place to find free WordPress themes is theme directory.

WordPress themes are available in three categories, for free, for a “premium” or for more money a custom personal theme, But choosing the best among these is the challenging job.  The important thing to be kept in mind is that you should pick a theme that is related to your industry. For example if your blog is on agriculture, do not use a theme that is meant for web hosting site.

Always go for simple designs, because they are much easier to modify and compatible with all the browsers. There are umpteen themes to download, always choose a theme that you will get guaranteed support for. Commercial themes are a onetime fee and gives lifetime support. A professional blogger would prefer a unique custom theme for the blog. The advantage of choosing a custom theme is that no two persons will have the same theme.

The significant point to remember is that once you get zeroed in on a theme, try to find out when it was last updated. A recent update could mean that someone is frequently monitoring the themes and fixing bugs and improving the same. To do this, copy the name of your selected theme and do a Google search. When you click through you will see the updated date mentioned at the sidebar.

One of the inevitable steps that you have to take when you are choosing a WordPress theme or Blogger template is to spend some time to read the reviews written by other bloggers. The next big step is to find out what kind of support does they offer? Is the designer available to assist on all queries? Do they accept some kind of payment for the support extended? All the best themes provide some way of assistance or help when you are in need.

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