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Guide to achieve top rankings in search engines

How to-achieve-top-rankings-in-search-engines

How to achieve top rankings in search engines

Achieving top rankings in the search engines is not everyone’s cup of tea. For that one has to do proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a combination of two components. The first thing to be learnt is how to tweak your WebPages so that it is easier for the search engines to prioritize. Once the search engine-friendly website is being designed next component is choosing the right keyword phrase for marketing.

 Choose the right keyword phrase

Choice of a wrong keyword would yield you no results. So choose the right keyword phrase using any keyword research tool. An ideal keyword phrase must contain only three words. For example if you are a musician, offering music services and your keyword is “music” you may not gain the expected result as music is a vast ocean. “Music” could mean selling musical instruments to offering music lessons to, downloading a song to anything. So your targeted keyword should be something like “local music band”.

 Go for a keyword that people searches, if you are targeting an obscure keyword that nobody uses, you may just be wasting your time and resources. Google provides you with a best keyword research tool that will give you a fair idea on which phrase to choose from. This tool would also give you the details on the estimated traffic search and level of competition.

 Never ever rely on Google hundred percent on finding the right keyword. As a business owner you must study the market and with your experience and customer relations you should be more expert than Google in deciding the right keyword.

 It is foolish to think that keyword with less competition are easier to rank. But that is not the case; always choose a keyword that has fair amount of competition. But to fair well in online market you ought to be choosing keywords with fair amount of competition, but not the overly saturated ones. A medium competition keyword is an indicator of the value it holds in search engine and you hold a much greater chance of business success if you target those.

 Set up a search Engine Friendly Website

 Most of the content management systems are SEO-friendly and they come free. WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke and Jhoomla are the popular systems that would make your webpage SEO-friendly on merely hosting on it. This is just not enough for SEO. In order to manually tweak your website, make sure your keyword phrases are included in the title tag. Use the same keyword phrase on the META keyword and META description tags as well. Next key point is to use a file name that is search engine-friendly.

Manual tweaks works wonders on a small websites but if your webpage is huge, always use a content management system with minimum use of plugins. Keep in mind that the primary aim of the webpage is to make it easy for the crawlers to find the page. Installation of too many whistles and bells would make the crawlers’ task difficult. When you are pleased with the website’s design and content don’t wait to make the world know its existence.

 Building links with articles

There are a lot of ways to build links to your site. The best way to do is by posting blogs, submitting URLs to a multiple directories, writing and distributing articles and press releases.

Article marketing is an ideal way to get backlinks from established websites. Every backlink is like a pointer to your site. So the more back links you have, the better will be the site rank. The best way to do this is by creating relevant contents; putting your links at the bottom and submitting them to all article submission directories. The bottom line on creating any article is to be careful about what is to be included in the anchor texts of your links.  Anchor texts are nothing but the words that you place within the HTML link tags.

It takes a couple of weeks for a new website to gain speed. If you have done everything properly and systematically, then your website will appear in the search index about three weeks.  Initially it would appear on the 5 or 6 page, which would eventually move up to page rank 3 or 4. Don’t bask in your glory and stop writing and submitting articles. Your goal is to take your site to page Reward your visitors with valued contents and contests. You will cherish the fruit of your hardships soon.

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