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Google Fiber to Revolutionize Internet Usage

google-fiber-bunnyGoogle has launched a super speed internet codenamed ‘Google Fiber’. According to Google’s claims, using these fiber-optic connections ‘Google Fiber’ could pump out 700mbps. Currently it is been trialed in Kansas and if this turns out successful it could revolutionize the way we stream online media and use Internet for browsing.

Though Google Fiber could be a lightning platform in the Internet service provider, critics are questioning Google’s reasons for entering into the Internet service provider domain, when they are earning lump sum through advertising.

It would be of great importance to application developers and Internet marketers especially when it is concerned with video contents and 3D graphics. Today video promotion is becoming a vital ingredient among Internet marketing strategies. At present video contents are taking way too long to load a website. But this supersonic fiber could speed up things at a swift’s pace.

When Chrome was introduced by Google in 2007, its mission was not to compete in the browser market, but to challenge competitors to produce platforms better than Chrome. The Internet innovators Google are now on a crusade to encourage service providers to use fiber optic technology that supports video content and dramatically improve download speeds.

Google fiber Internet users in Kansas nicknamed Fiberhood are captivated by the capabilities and speed of their brand new broadband connection. According to them, they can run a video via Wi-Fi on two laptops and two Smartphones, and also be watching and recording TV shows all at the same time.

Consumers are moving away from conventional advertising in favor of online options they get from computers, Smartphones and tablets. Google also appears to be taking a new leap from conventional advertising into video advertising. They have off late invested $50 million in video content by purchasing a 10 per cent share of Vevo, a streaming company that gives access to music videos.

It is a known fact that online video content has increased in the last couple of years and there is clear-cut user demand for faster Internet speeds despite the refusal of service providers to increase their bandwidth. Google Fiber promises to revolutionize that, and the way consumers opt to buy online will inevitably change as well.

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