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Google Drive app for PC and Mac is being shut down in March, replaced by Backup and Sync:

The maturing Google Drive application for desktop is officially censured starting today, Google announced in a blog entry. Support will be cut off on December 11th both popular file sync applications will lose official support & will close down totally on March 12th, 2018. Clients who are as yet running the Drive application will begin seeing notices in October that it’s “going away,” and the Google will guide clients towards one of two substitutions relying upon whether they’re a purchaser or business client (enterprise/G Suite customers will have access to the upcoming Drive File Stream which officially launches on September 26).. Google Drive the administration isn’t going anyplace. You can in any case get  it from the web, cell phone applications, and both of the software  choices specified below.

Google now has two fairly new software tools for backing up your data and/or accessing files in the cloud. There’s Backup and Sync, the all-encompassing consumer app that replaces both the standalone Google Drive and Google Photos Up loader apps. It offers essentially the same functionality as Drive and works much the same way.

Furthermore, on the enterprise side, Google has taken off Drive File Streamer, which spares space on your neighbourhood drive while giving access to “the greater part of your Google Drive documents on request, straightforwardly from your PC.” It’s a much more elegant and coordinated approach. “Say farewell to time consuming document synchronizing and any worries about the disk space,” Google says of the advantages that Drive File Streamer presents.

For example, File Stream users will be able to stream files on demand, access collaboration-friendly “Team Drives” (the settings for which can be controlled and changed at an administrative level) and sync individual files at will (Backup and Sync only allows for the syncing of entire folders).

If you’ve been an avid Drive user up to this point, now is the time to start migrating your data over to Backup and Sync.

And if you’re worried you’ll forget to do so, Google has your back. Starting in October, desktop warnings will pop up periodically to let you know Drive is being removed.


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