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Facebook tests group video chat app called Bonfire

Facebook tests group video chat app called Bonfire

Facebook’s Messenger added group video calling last year, begging the question of why the company needs another stab at the market.


Facebook is influencing another attack into the group video chat space. Group Video Chat is available, by default, to show the faces of six people but you can add more friends (up to 50) at any time during the text conversation, or call.

Facebook has revealed an independent versatile application in Denmark called Bonfire that empowers individuals to have video calls with multiple people. The Next Web initially detailed the news on Wednesday, which a Messenger representative later conformed.

“At Facebook Inc. we continue to build and test new products and services . We as of now have numerous awesome encounters for individuals to video talk in gatherings, or as people, over the group of applications, including Messenger. We are intrested in how everybody utilizes innovation and how we can build incredible encounters for them. We’re running a little test in Denmark of an application we call Bonfire. We don’t have anything further to share as of now,” said the Messenger representative in a emailed statement.

While restricted to Denmark for the time being, Bonfire may predict a more extensive endeavour by Facebook to corner the fledgling group video chat market. Obviously, there are now platforms for group video talks. Google’s Hangouts and Microsoft’s Skype offer gathering video calling. And standalone apps cantered on group video,like House party, have emerged.facebook

There is additionally Facebook’s own messaging service, Messenger, that added gathering video bringing in December 2016. That makes one wonder of why Facebook would reveal an independent gathering video calling application when it as of now has the element in an item whose client base spans 1.2 billion individuals. The appropriate response is vague. Maybe people aren’t facilitating bunch video talks inside Messenger and, for reasons unknown, might be more  happy with doing as such in an alternate apps and possibly one not all closely connected with Facebook.

Odd as that may sounds, Facebook isn’t against making an all-hands-on-deck strike on a developing item classification, as prove by Facebook’s and Instagram’s and Messenger’s and WhatsApp’s cloning of Snapchat’s Stories highlight. What’s more, there’s a related wrinkle: Snapchat does not yet bolster gather video bringing in its application, making an open door for Facebook to possibly one-up its adversary.

On the off chance that and when Facebook takes off Bonfire beyond Denmark, the following inquiry focuses on how it benefits Facebook’s business. The appropriate response is in all probability promotions, given that Facebook’s business is to a great extent advertisement deals. That could convert into brands making marked Snapchat-style channels and impacts that individuals can utilize while talking with companions.

Facebook could likewise open up the application to brands, which it has finished with Messenger, however that may be extraordinarily troublesome. Not at all like content discussions, video calls would appear to be difficult to scale and robotize.

Facebook could connect Bonfire with its different properties for brands, which it has additionally finished with Messenger. For this situation, a brand could advance a welcome just gathering video talk with a superstar representative through advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, have individuals message its Messenger bot on why they thought to get a welcome, and after that utilization Bonfire to have the visit.



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