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Why one should use Facebook for business promotion?

The way we promote our business defines its reach to audience. The platform we select for promotion expresses how sincere we are. Business practices overtimes have evolved. Social media involvement has become an integral part of business promotion. People are very much active social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp for communicating their everyday affairs. They get news and gather information through their social media community. From a ten-year-old to a nonagenarian everyone has found their place in the social media group.

There is a very old saying that business should stay where its audiences are. While considering the presence of all age groups, all professionals irrespective of location, gender or religion in social media, Facebook leads the group. Businesses can create its own Facebook page and Facebook groups for promotion of their products and services. Some of the business prefers Facebook page whereas some consider groups. However, both of the Facebook tools have different approaches to business promotions. Both have their pros and cons. Both are responsive to different stimulus.

Businesses must understand that Facebook is not a professional platform. It is a social media entity. If you are promoting your business on Facebook, you should do this in Face bookish manner. One needs to follow facebook protocols to run advertisement there.

It is likely that almost all businesses have their own Facebook page. Many of them maintain Facebook community groups. They are actually doing well in reaching and attracting the audiences through Facebook. Let us now understand what Facebook page and Facebook group are.

What is Facebook page?

You can take the facebook page as a personal page? profile of a business, an organization or a public figure. Page presentation should go well with concerned business orientation and interests. A Facebook business page should have own brand image. Businesses can share product and service information, business initiatives and social activities through Facebook pages. They can post advertisement, promotions and offers on their facebook page.

Facebook Page is like the entrance or front door of our home. We welcome new people there. We greet new people there. We share our interests and philosophy with them. Entrance is open to all. It is up to us how we make people understand to enter our home; how we make communicate and make connections. We are open to giving an appealing public appearance at the entrance. All the people we meet at the entrance do not come inside our home and share things with us.

FaceBook page is open. Anyone in the Facebook can find Facebook page. The interested audience comes to the page, crawl over its content and like & share them with their groups. You can do so many things with a page. You can design them as the way your business demands. There
is an option of URL customization so that customers can easily remember them. There is no limitation on what promotion. Business can do it whatever ways it prefers. Followers can express their likes, dislikes and concerned through pages.

What is Facebook Group? group

You can consider a Facebook group as a forum; a forum of interested group members. Members here can freely share their ideas, interests, and concerns with other members. Discussions happened there are way more intimate and private in nature. One or two moderators can control the activities of the group. There are limitations on free business promotion and advertisement in a group. But facebook group is an effective place for generating strong product interest and support. Opinions and suggestions
are honest here.

FaceBook Group is like a living room of the house. After the introduction part of the entrance, many of the people with interest will enter into the living room. Living room discussion is more subject and specific to the interest. Living room of our home is not open for all. Whoever enters the home will be able to take part in the discussion.

After visiting the concerned Facebook page, moderators can add interested people in the concerned group. Facebook groups are good at generating intact social community support. One cannot run advertisement and promotions in a Facebook group. There are limitations from the moderators. While Facebook page works on attracting the audience, the Facebook builds social community support for concerned products and services.

Impact of Using Facebook Page or Facebook groups for your business:

FaceBook Page and Facebook group; both are important for business. It is appreciated if businesses use both Facebook page and Facebook group with the different approach. Both can earn targeted result if implemented in the right manner. They work not against each other. They work in a parallel manner to reach to the target audience. Every year business spends huge resources on their marketing and advertisement strategy. Facebook is a great community awareness platform. It is free to use. If you are still not utilizing Facebook and complaining about not getting enough numbers of audiences, then you are losing your strategic grip. By controlling your resource input, you can not only play the smart game but also save money for bigger roles.

Impact of Facebook pages or groups depends on the strategic strength of the business organization. Joint implementation facebook page and group will certainly render the best business results.

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