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Facebook Marketing Strategies For Online Business Success

facebook-marketingFacebook Marketing Strategies

Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. Are you using yours in a way that will help grow your business or diminish it? Are you using the right Facebook marketing strategies that can significantly increase your online business? If you are using your Facebook page to play FarmVille and games you are missing an incredible opportunity.

Facebook is second only to Google with highest visitors each day. It only stands to reason that you should be using Facebook marketing to improve your online business. What an incredible opportunity to connect and interact with like-minded people. The problem is, many new to social media are confused by the choices Facebook offers. Should they have a personal page, a fan page or perhaps a group? Let’s talk about that.

You first must have a personal page. Only after you have built a personal page can you build a fan page or have a group. You can have up to 5000 friends on your personal page. Because your page is personal and requires a user name and password to access it, the search engines do not index content on these pages. Obviously you want your content indexed by the search engine. Here’s the rub, most people who” like” your fan page never return. It’s much easier to get responsive interaction on your personal page then it is on your fan page. Therefore I recommend you actively post on both pages.

A fan page has a few things going for it. Not only do the search engines index the content on your fan page, the look of your fan page can be customized as well. You can carry on with your branding seamlessly. It’s a good idea to include an opt in box for your giveaway to bribe fans to subscribe to your mailing list.

A FB group is a great way to interact with a specific groups of people. Because it is private, only those within that group can see or access it, therefore it is great for a forum type environment for clubs and organizations. To join a group you must be invited. Google does not index content from groups.

Regardless whether you use your personal page or your fan page for your business you must build relationships, connect with people. engage and interact with them. Be an encourager; inspire others to be all they can be. Share your blog posts, give them helpful tips and hints. If you’re posts reflect a giving nature; that you truly care about others you will fill your stadium with friends and fans.

While it is important to interact with friends and fans throughout the day on a consistent basis, you can’t spend your entire day on social media. Sites like HootSuite, TweetDeck, SocialOomph and Posterous will help you organize all of your social media networks in one place, allowing you to view your streams and walls, sort and view your lists and schedule your tweets and posts in advance. This means you are free to be productive in your business, but still be highly active on social media. You will then only need to pop in and out for just a few minutes a few times a day to respond and interact with others.

Facebook makes it easy to tell your story. You can share photos, audios and videos with your friends and fans. Scheduling an event such as a teleseminar, webinar or contest is easy.

In conclusion are you using Facebook marketing strategies to improve your online business? Don’t underestimate its significance. You should be using Facebook to increase your visibility, create brand awareness and instill trust, allowing you to take your business to the next level.

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