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Evolution of social media

evolution-of-social-mediaThe transition from MySpace days of Facebook day is truly impressive. The home page of MySpace had a fancier form of email bulletins, which was similar to today’s status updates. It provided the choice to choose the “top friends” of your internet buddies. Social media was a book of mystery, and comments and messages that you post on the net made you feel accomplished.

Marketing and advertising magic changed the entire scene. From mere networking, social media evolved as a platform for marketing. Open your homepage and you will find advertisements scattered all around.

In the past you knew about your friends’ likes only if they communicate it to you verbally. And for instant update you could sign into AOL. But with the updating of technology, you could check on your friends faster with the status updates and preferences that they select on the net.

Nothing is personal

Marketing companies are smart. They saw the potential with MySpace, as a result Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp bought MySpace for a lump sum of $580 million dollars in 2005. A Social media site can access everything you post. The more you use the site, the more information you give away. Giants like Facebook, MySpace, and Google send all the information users post to marketing companies.

Once marketing companies obsessed on to this, social media turned to catering to the audience’s wants and needs. You are fond of basketball? Your social media site might ask if you want to officially ‘Like’ Lebron James or NBA 2K14, even if you’ve never clicked ‘Like’ on a basketball media page. You’re a single woman in your 30s? You probably might get ads for dating sites that would eventually help you meet somebody you can truly get along with. Before, you had to specifically type in or look for these subjects to learn more about them.

Real Life Actions dictated By Social Media perceptions

The control of social media over its users is equally proportional to the control of the users over social media. Earlier, people never worried about what they posted on the social media networks, it was just a platform for them to reinvent.  Rebelling was as simple as posting a rude comment. But time has changed; now people think twice before putting a comment or a post on Facebook. Studies show Facebook postings has costed many their jobs and marriage.

There are certain companies that have manpower acting as brand advocates via social media. Some are even crazy posting exclusively about the companies they work for. It is difficult to digest people using their personal profile to vehemently promote the organization they work for.

A New Marketing strategy

We are now in an age where the meaning of marketing has changed to engaging consumers instead of advertising to them. This is why there are more games and contests on the social media network than videos or sides of any product or company. The more participants you get in a contest the more people get involved and hence more fun and more revenue.

Soon we’ll see Google running the same kind of events as Red Bull, getting people together to take part and compete just to get its name out there. Technology changes at an exponential rate, and who knows what we’ll see in the years to come.

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