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E-mail – The dominant tool

E-mail – The dominant tool- benefits of email marketing

In the recent study, researchers found roughly six out of every 10 American workers deemed e-mail as highly important to their workflow with the Internet following closely.
The electronic tools led the pack among items cited as vital for workers with landline phones, cellular phones and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook rounding out the list.
“(E)mail and the internet are particularly important to adults who work in traditionally “white collar,” office-based occupations such as professionals, executives, managers, business owners, and clerical workers,” the report cites.
The findings are a bit surprising, especially considering recent events.
What’s also interesting is the ranking for social networks. While there’s no doubt Facebook and Twitter have both found their ways into work places — whether it be for professional or personal use — it appears their role is nowhere near as vital as some may believe.

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